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March 11, 2010


Pat Parris

Here is my idea on blind spots in #HCR http://pov9.blogspot.com/2010/02/blind-spot-of-obama-health-care-hc.html


That WaPo column is the ubsdemt thing I've read all year.They are advising him to quit TWO YEARS before the election because he's at around 45% in some post-midterm polls?Hahahahahaha!"we believe, that the president has largely lost the consent of the governed. The midterm elections were effectively a referendum on the Obama presidency"Um, no. Sorry. Wrong answer.Not only was it not a referendum on Obama but quitting wouldn't fix anything. It would make things much worse and we'd be right back at the 2006-2008 period of Bush's lame duckness. Those were two bad years for America.It would be a selfish cowardly act on Obama's part and would cause political instability that we don't need. Presidents run for re-election. Period.Sorry about the rant but I suspect 2012 will be VERY close and these two will look like idiots in hindsight.

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