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July 22, 2010



I should admit here that I'm glad, as a liebarl Democrat, that the liebarl bias of the mainstream media always redounds to the benefit of politicians on my side of the fence. You can imagine my dismay if the media made a big fuss over things like rumors that Obama is a Muslim, the intemperate remarks of Obama's pastor, the lame efforts by Obama at bowling, the cost of John Edwards' haircuts, the clothing Hillary Clinton wears, etc., etc. Over the years, I've been glad that the media didn't expose the Monica Lewinsky affair and then trumpet every sordid detail, didn't peddle the falsehood that Al Gore claimed to have invented the Internet, didn't enthusiastically back George W. Bush's military invasion of Iraq, didn't provide megaphones for every right-wing crackpot who came down the pike, from Ann Coulter to the dozens of ranters on talk radio. I'm a happy guy.

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