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November 19, 2010



It seems to me that the reason nobody is hiring is because everyone is worried about how much higher their taxes will be in a year to pay for all this spending (Obama keeps insisting on this). Businesses aren't going to take a risk and hire an employee when they might need that money to pay some new tax rate.

So by that analysis, cutting the deficit/debt would lessen fears of massive tax increases... leading to more hiring... leading to a more vibrant economic scenario....



DR,Challenging elected olifciafs in the media seems to have little effect because they are propped up by the resources of the special interests that you rail against every day. You can fill an hour a day banging the drum with economists, journalists and commentators to drive home the point, but to what end? Until the representatives of the corporations in Washington are voted out of office in favor of representatives of the people, nothing will change. Incumbents have a huge advantage based on name recognition and the lack of credibility of 'unknown' challengers. You have a platform. You can use it to support challengers willing to run against incumbents from the corporatocracy. Economists, journalists and commentators can help you make the argument, but we need candidates to drive real change. By providing a platform for challengers to establish name recognition and present their views, you can help them gain credibility and give them a real chance against the Democratic and Republican political machines. Start Now.

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