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October 12, 2012


C.R. Smith

There is a downside to rude behavior, and Biden's behavior was clearly disrespectful and rude. How anyone could fail to see the difference between a smug, silly, and condescending demeanor like Biden's,and calm, adult, and respectful behavior like Ryan's has clearly lost an understanding of what "civility" is about.


C.R. You should read the main post before commenting. Foser wrote: "Just for the record: The notion that it’s rude to laugh or smirk at an opponent’s misleading statements is absurd. It’s rude to make misleading statements." Your comment has been anticipated and rightly dismissed. Ryan's lies were a very serious violation of debate etiquette; Biden's laughter was a very good-natured way of drawing attention to the lies.


I'm trying to believe they're better than they were in 2000. There's some reporting of Ryan's lies.


Terrific commentary! When one looks at a series of out-of-context clips of any person's reactions to something, they look foolish, kind of like how people look in a video when you pause it and they are in the middle of speaking. Showing only a parade of freeze-frames of facial expressions or a mind-numbing series of brief clips of just the "worst" moments exaggerates the significance and impact of those moments. And, indeed, when the media only focus on this sort of thing, they continue to do an enormous disservice to democracy, which relies on an informed citizenry -- informed on the issues, not nit-picking points of style -- to function effectively.

justin bieber shoes

Hate- Slowly but surely, the defense of the Eagles is improving every week. Combine this with the return of Rashard Mendenhall this week and you have my personal hate: Heath Miller. Big Ben has given Heath plenty of targets and even a couple TDs, but the Eagles will have no problem stopping that this week with the help of Demeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks. Also, as mentioned, Mendenhall comes back this week. I'm not saying he's going to be a huge part of the offense this week, I'm just saying that working him in will take away some throwing attempts from Big Ben, and subsequently, targets from Miller.

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